BE A woofventures MODEL

Ewan Cheyne

Mutley's Snaps Pet Photography

In the 8 years since starting Mutley’s Snaps Ewan has come to be regarded as one of the leading experts in studio photography when it comes to working with dogs, his location work isn’t bad either. 

Ewan’s vision for the business didn’t always include working in a studio environment, in fact he had strong feelings against it.  However, as luck would have it he found himself with a small studio and a bunch of second hand studio gear, and from the moment he put his boxer dog Aurora, in front of the half used roll of pink seamless paper his life changed forever.

Studio lighting instinctively made sense to him, and he quickly developed ways to work with dogs in an environment that can sometimes be worrying to them.  Adopting a dogs first approach above everything else he was able to make the sessions fun for both the dogs and their people.  In the space of a month of doing his first studio shoot, Ewan’s diary went from being empty to fully booked.

In the years since, his approach to studio lighting has become even simpler but the dog first approach has always remained. Creating a fun, vibrant and modern style, that has captured the imagination of photographers all over the globe.  His laid back and open approach transfers to teaching, he will be the first to make fun of his own bad habits and quirks.

Even if his diary is 95% studio work, the Scottish Highlands are always calling.  For Ewan the grandeur of Glencoe will always be his favourite place on earth, he finds a great sense of peace surrounded by it’s mountains and glens.  What could possibly be better than spending a day there photographing a dog?  Away from the camera and studio, Ewan loves nothing better than binging TV shows with his wife Claire and their two Devon Rex cats, Fen and Zepp.  Although every time he steps foot in the gym, he will complain he is too old, Muay Thai boxing is still a big love of his. 

Ewans's work