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Kristen Murray

Kristen Murray Photography

Kristen Murray is a traveling outdoorsy canine photographer with a deep passion for capturing dogs in their element and the extraordinary bond they share with their humans.

In July 2020, she left the comfort and security of her full-time job to blaze a new path, building her dream business (and life) photographing dogs in the great outdoors. Specializing in outdoor adventures, gun dogs/upland hunts, and underwater dog portraits, she expertly combines her passion for nature, travel, and photography into a truly unique experience. 

Now, as a full-time canine photographer and part-time van-lifer, Kristen takes her love for adventure to new trails, embarking on annual dog portrait road trips in her van. Exploring stunning landscapes and seeking out authentic moments, she brings her vibrant energy and creative vision to every shoot.

Beyond her own photography pursuits, Kristen is also dedicated to helping fellow pet photographers thrive in their businesses. Through private online coaching, she shares her expertise and guides others on their path to success. With an assertively optimistic mindset, Kristen firmly believes that with the right tools, strategies, and mindset, anyone can achieve their goals and dreams.

When she’s not behind the camera or coaching, Kristen finds solace in her love for nature and outdoor activities. You might catch her paddle boarding with her dogs on serene waters, hiking through lush forests, or embracing the thrill of the hunt with her loyal Brittany, Cedar, in the uplands.

Kristen's work