BE A woofventures MODEL

A luxury Pet Photography Retreat in the Cairngorms, Scotland

5th may to 11th may 2024
Cairngorms, Scotland
Location & Studio pet photography

Join us and experience a week of unforgettable dog photography and adventure amidst the breathtaking Scottish Highlands!

In the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, we will explore both on-location and studio photography techniques, and how to take your business to the next level.

As you perfect your skills under the guidance of Ewan and Kristen, you will be staying in a  luxury country house offering a serene retreat from the world.

We’ll be immersed in the stunning surroundings of the Scottish Highlands, with its majestic mountains, enchanting forests, and tranquil lochs providing a captivating backdrop for our photography sessions.

A week-long retreat to refine your photography and business while connecting with fellow dog photographers to create lasting memories and friendships.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience and join us for a week of creativity, companionship, and unparalleled beauty in the Scottish Highlands!

the woofventures retreat

5th may to 11th may 2024
Cairngorms, Scotland
Location & Studio pet photography

What’s included

  • 7 nights accommodation in a luxury Country House in the heart of the Scottish Highlands
  • 6 days of education and shoots
  • 4 location shoots and 2 studio shoots
  • A day exploring the majestic Glencoe, with additional opportunities to shoot dogs
  • Studio learning with demonstrations and hands on experience
  • Learn off-camera flash and have the opportunity to shoot with lights on location
  • On-location learning
  • Editing – both on location and studio
  • Business and marketing education
  • Meals for 5 days included, the Glencoe day meals aren’t included
  • All transport during the retreat 

Bonus Content

  • A website audit and an additional zoom call with Wildflowers and Pixels
  • A follow-up zoom call with your choice of either Ewan or Kristen after the retreat
  • All classroom content provided as high-quality pdfs on day 1 of the retreat
  • Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions to help with editing
  • Access to the studio setup and Mutley (our stuffed model) during down time to practice
  • A private Facebook group where you can connect with instructors and participants pre & post-retreat.

your hosts

Kristen Murray

Kristen Murray Photography

Kristen Murray is a traveling outdoorsy canine photographer with a deep passion for capturing dogs in their element and the extraordinary bond they share with their humans.

Ewan Cheyne

Mutley's Snaps Pet Photography

In the 8 years since starting Mutley’s Snaps Ewan has come to be regarded as one of the leading experts in studio photography when it comes to working with dogs, his location work isn’t bad either. 

a magical location in

the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Cairngorms is a magnificent and rugged mountain range located in the eastern part of the Highlands. It encompasses an expansive area of breathtaking landscapes featuring towering peaks, lush forests, and enchanting lochs. And we’re taking you on an adventure there.

One of the remarkable aspects of the Cairngorms is its majestic forests. These ancient dense forests have an air of mystique, with sunlight filtering through the canopy, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor. 

Amidst the forests, you’ll discover sparkling lochs that add a touch of serenity to the landscape. These freshwater lakes, formed by glacial processes, are scattered throughout the region, each with its own unique charm. 

Loch Morlich, nestled amidst the ancient Caledonian pine forest, is a captivating sight with its crystal-clear waters reflecting the surrounding mountains. 

Loch an Eilein, embraced by dense woodlands, boasts a picturesque island adorned with a ruined castle, creating an ethereal scene straight out of a fairy tale. These lochs not only offer mesmerizing views but also provide a habitat for an array of wildlife, including waterfowl, otters, and fish, making them a haven for nature enthusiasts.

The Cairngorms, with its harmonious blend of forests and lochs, offers an opportunity for exploration and immersion in nature’s grandeur. It is a place where the timeless beauty of nature unfolds before your eyes, inviting you to embrace its wonders and immerse yourself in its unspoiled splendour.

Some images from our 2023 adventure

The Venue

A luxury country house in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park

Muckrach Country House, an exquisite retreat originally constructed in 1860 as a shooting lodge, nestled in the breathtaking Cairngorms National Park.  Meticulously restored to its former glory, this splendid establishment seamlessly combines timeless elegance with modern comforts.

Indulge in luxury with a selection of twin and king rooms, each adorned with contemporary en-suite bathrooms, offering a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Discover a wealth of inviting spaces throughout the house where you can socialise and unwind at your leisure. Whether you seek company or a tranquil corner to escape to, Muckrach Country House caters to your every need.

Oh and don’t forget to say hello to the resident Highland Cows, Hamish and Dougal.

House features you'll love
  • Hot tub
  • Log burning stove
  • Piano bar
  • Library and snug 
  • Private ensuite for each room
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Acres of pastureland
  • Overlooks stunning Scottish scenery
Take a look around


$4,300 USD for shared twin room with private ensuite

Upgrade to private room: + $500

Application Fee: $100

If successful, the application fee will be put towards the final cost of the retreat. If unsuccessful, the application feel will be refunded.
If you successfully apply and decide not to join, the application fee will not be refunded. 

A $900 deposit is required on acceptance. 

applications closed


The retreat is for photographers who are already confident in using their cameras and have experience working with dogs.

We are definitely for you if you are keen to learn, have an open mind and ready to push your photography and business to the next level!

You can arrive at the house between 8pm and 10pm on Saturday 4th or in the morning on Sunday 5th, with the retreat officially starting at 2pm on Sunday 5th.

If you plan on using public transport to get to the house we recommend aiming to arrive on Saturday, as trains and busses will be less frequent on Sunday.

Transport to the house isn’t provide but there are numerous trains each day from both Glasgow and Edinburgh to Aviemore, where you can jump in a taxi to the house.

If you want to drive the house is around a two and a half hours from Edinburgh.

All meals will be provided from the 5th until dinner on Friday 10th.  The only exception is the Glencoe day when you will be responsible for paying for your own meals but we will be stopping at some inns with very tasty and reasonable priced food.

Dietary needs such as gluten free, vegetarian or vegan will be catered for just make sure you tell us in advance.

Scotland is famous for having all four seasons in one day, we can’t promise you what the weather will be.  We will be out shooting even if it’s raining, only the most severe weather will shoots be cancelled.  

Last May we did Not a Retreat during the same week, and it was dry for the entire week.

There is nothing quite as epic as Glencoe when the weather decides to be a bit dramatic. Just remember to pack your rain gear and embrace the wilds of Scotland!

You will need a DSLR/Mirrorless camera as well as lenses in the following range – 24-70mm and 70-200mm.  Primes that fit into this range are also acceptable i.e. 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 105mm, 135mm.  If you aren’t sure give us a shout.

A laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop will also be required.

All lighting equipment will be provided during the week but if you already shoot on location using flash and you would like to bring your own OCF gear you are more than welcome to.

Yes, if space allows. We have a limited number of private king rooms with private ensuite available for an additional $500. If you would like to bring your partner there is another $500 added to this to cover extra expenses. This would bring the cost of the retreat to a total of $5300.

If the retreat is cancelled you will be giving a full refund, however we cannot be held liable for any other costs incurred such as travel or accommodation you have booked.  Where possible make sure your travel and accommodation is refundable.

If you can no longer attend the retreat at any point we can only offer you a refund (minus the $100 application fee) if we can find someone to fill your space.

If you apply to the retreat and are successful your $100 will be subtracted from the total cost.  If you decide not to take the place your $100 is not refundable.

If you apply and are unsuccessful your $100 will be refunded.